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Calabria is a Pakistan based brand of exquisite clothing, established in 2015. From day one, delivering the Best & Finest Shirts with 100% Cotton Fabrics having different thread counts, feels and finishings.

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For these Shirts we use mercerized cotton fabric in 60, 70 , 80, 100 single & 120 double, Two ply , Thai, Egyptian, Italian dobby fabric and other fine yarn counts with a single needle stitching (lock-stitch) 22 SPI.

A gentleman always needs some dazzling and unique attire for special occasions. Calabria`s Shirts are crafted with utmost attention to detail, Perfectly Comfortable with elegant corporate impression, Pure sophistication which matches all international benchmarks of modern formal wear.

Calabria aims to deliver 100% guaranteed and worth wearing shirts of hand cut from the finest Egyptian & Italian cotton fabrics sewed along with genuinely quality controlled and perdurable tailoring.

Our production processes are based on authentic craftsmanship.

Time changes and new technologies come along but the difference, in our opinion, comes from the passion and precision that can only come from the human eye and hand. Therefore, we have always combined technology with skill. Each piece is finely crafted, from cutting of the fabric to adding the details and trim and the thousand different factors that make the difference and create what we want, perfection, using the finest methods & technology which provides you the ultimate & premium experience of a finely crafted perfect formal shirt.

Calabria`s Formal Shirt range has been designed with the workplace at the forefront of our decisions. The collars and cuffs have been made with a soft-medium inner lining, which gives that quality soft feel yet with a crisp business like look to them. The shirt length is perfect for tucking into your suit trousers without riding up when sitting down.
From the manufacturing of cuffs, collar, placket, yoke, front back side to buttonholes & threading, every step is processed with utmost care, using the latest machines and personal attention. We follow high STANDARD quality of sleeve joints, inner outer seamless stitching, hemming and pattern matching.

Rigorous quality checks are carried out at all stages of the cutting and making process to ensure the finished product is of the highest possible standard.

The fabrics are tested, observed and handled to understand every detail and nuance.

Our team always strives for perfection & to improve service, product quality and customer satisfaction level. This is a never-ending process that remains continue to create such a well deserving product for you that we can proudly claim to be your best experience in quality, style & comfort.

Customer's Feedback

Calabria have a good choice of customers. I love its products. Always keep your quality. Thanks

Sameer Alian

Exceptional after sales services. Bought a shirt almost 1 year back and wore it for 2 to 3 times but its collar got a bit faded. Told the team about 1 week back and without any queries they asked me to send them the shirt for replacement. Got a new shirt today. Thank U for the quality stuff you are offering with best after sales services.

Ammad Ali

Decent wear for professional

Feroze Jaffery

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